Parity is listening for Ethereum-IPFS compatible calls. Currently supported thus far: eth-block, eth-block-list, eth-tx, and eth-state-trie. Any other IPFS API calls will not return anything.

Implementation Status

js-ipfs has support for Ethereum objects: IPFS can access the Ethereum blockchain on demand without having to constantly transfer the blocks. For that, the EthereumJS team was building a storage backend for js-ipfs that uses Parity, so that you can read blocks from the Ethereum chain. Track upstream progress at: ipfs/js-ipfs/#763

Parity implementation status overview:

Available Type Name Code
[x] eth-block Ethereum Block (block header) 0x90
[x] eth-block-list Ethereum Block List (block ommers) 0x91
[ ] eth-tx-trie Ethereum Transaction Trie Node 0x92
[x] eth-tx Ethereum Transaction 0x93
[ ] eth-tx-receipt-trie Ethereum Transaction Receipt Trie Node 0x94
[ ] eth-tx-receipt Ethereum Transaction Receipt 0x95
[x] eth-state-trie Ethereum State Trie Node 0x96
[ ] eth-storage-trie Ethereum Contract Storage Trie Node 0x98

Please subscribe to #4172 for more details on Parity’s implementation progress.

Example Requests

The eth-ipfs-bridge project allows early testing of the IPFS-implementation in Parity: kumavis/ipfs-eth-bridge

This allows anyone on the network to access Ethereum objects by their canonical hash as encoded by CIDs:


See also the explore-ethereum examples provided by js-ipfs: ipfs/js-ipfs/examples/explore-ethereum-blockchain

CLI reference:

The IPFS HTTP API is disabled by default. Enable it with --ipfs-api to expose it to localhost:5001.

    --ipfs-api                     Enable IPFS-compatible HTTP API. (default: false)
    --ipfs-api-port PORT           Configure on which port the IPFS HTTP API should listen.
                                   (default: 5001)
    --ipfs-api-interface IP        Specify the hostname portion of the IPFS API server,
                                   IP should be an interface's IP address or local.
                                   (default: local)
    --ipfs-api-cors URL            Specify CORS header for IPFS API responses.
                                   (default: None)
    --ipfs-api-hosts HOSTS         List of allowed Host header values. This option will
                                   validate the Host header sent by the browser, it
                                   is additional security against some attack
                                   vectors. Special options: "all", "none"
                                   (default: none).