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In a previous article on Token Deployment, we created Teh Coin [TEH]. Now, creating your own token is a nice thing to do. However, it would be nice if all Parity Ethereum users could see and use your token in the wallet by default. Therefore, we need to register our token with the Token Registry DApp. Navigate to Applications in your wallet and find the Token Registry. If it’s not displayed by default, use the Edit button on top to toggle visibility of displayed DApps.

dapps-tokendeploy-5 Figure: To register a new token with the Token Registry, we need the token address, decide on a 3-letter acronym (TLA), a token name, and specify the number of decimals (between 0 and 18).

dapps-tokendeploy-6 Figure: Once done, this will execute the register function of the Token Registry smart contract adding our token to Parity. Note, there is a fee of 0.01 ETH to register a token.

dapps-tokendeploy-8 Figure: Once deployed, the token is displayed in the registry among other registered tokens.

Finally, we need an icon for our token to be displayed in the wallet. This can be done by adding meta data to the token registry contract.

dapps-tokendeploy-9 Figure: To add an icon we have to click Add Metadata and provide the static URL to the image file.

dapps-tokendeploy-a Figure: Adding an icon triggers two transactions: The first one is generating a hint for the URL registry and the second one is setting the hint as token metadata.

dapps-tokendeploy-b Figure: Once both transactions are mined, we can look-up the image on the token registry DApp.

dapps-tokendeploy-c Figure: And our custom token will be displayed along with other tokens in our wallet, note the shiny icon.

Any token registered with the Parity Token Registry will be automatically visibile to all Parity wallet users holding tokens or watching accounts with registered tokens.