Labeling - Wiki OpenEthereum Documentation

This page is to explain the conventions over OpenEthereum’s labeling system.

Labels are split into several groups.

As such, a pull request must have a single label from the ‘A’ group and may additionally have a single label from the ‘P’ group (though typically will not).

An valid issue must have a single label from the ‘F’ group and may additionally have a single label from the ‘P’ group. An invalid issue should be closed with a single label from the ‘Z’ group.

‘A’ group

All pull requests should start labeled with either ‘A0-pleasereview’, ‘A3-inprogress’, ‘A8-backport’ (in the base of an already-reviewed back-port), or ‘A2-insubstantial’ (should it be an alteration which requires no code review). After review it should be relabeled with another ‘A’ group label.

‘B’ group

Used on pull requests only. Denotes tasks for the next beta release.

‘F’ group

Issues should have only one of these. Do not combine; if multiple labels are equally applicable to an issue, use the one with the lowest number.

‘M’ group

Used to denote the affected component or sub-project. Each issue and pull request should have (at least) one.

‘P’ group

Typically used only to annotate issues, however P0 and P2 may reasonably be used on PRs in exceptional circumstances.

‘Q’ group

Is used to annotate difficulty of issues.

‘Z’ group

Used only on issues which will (or may, in the case of Z5) be closed immediately.


  1. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  2. Are you fully synchronized?
  3. Which version of OpenEthereum are you running? (“master” or “git” is not a version)
  4. Which operating system are you running?
  5. How did you install OpenEthereum? (binary, installer, from source, which branch?)
  6. What flags are you running OpenEthereum with?
  7. Do you use any config file?
  8. Please, share the exact error message!
  9. Is there anything in the logs?
  10. Are you connected to any peers?
  11. What’s your time? Is it synchronized?
  12. Did you answer all my questions yet?